Georgia and South Ossetia – One Year On

August 13, 2008

Given the events happening in the north of Georgia right now a lot of you are visiting my page from Google you can go straight to all the good articles about my visit there one year ago where Iiris and I met a bunch of American guys and we tried to get into South Ossetia for no reason better than to have a beer there…

What Went Down in Georgia… Getting Into South Ossetia

its a long story but its one of my better tales and pretty relevant right now considering we were within a few km of Tskhinvali which is ground zero. For the short of attention there are pictures and videos also. Other blogs about my time in Georgia…

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For my background and take on the situation, as you can read from this blog, I have been off the grid in the national park for 4 days so I only just read about this stuff today and holy shit, I was taken completly aback. I have a friend of mine who is touring through this region right now and 2 nights ago I got an SMS from a mutal friend asking for her number so she could check on her. I wrote back that the sentiment was lovely but these incidents tend to be nothing more than propganda hissie fits and she shouldnt worry….. and today I get online and see what is really happening…. since I am in Nederlands may I have some extra mayo while I eat my words? Luckily our friend had already arrived in Baku in azerbaijan and was safe and sound. I heard from her just now "dont worry, we fly out of here…." well last time I checked, your flight path is taking you over a war zone… I am sure they have it in check however.

I have maintained from the beginning, while I am on Georgias side of this, they are hardly blameless in this situation. As far as I can tell Russia started to drop some bombs on Georgia a few days ago "oh WHOOPS, did we drop those old things THERE? How silly of us, how about if we promise NEVER to do it again?" To which,  the Georgian president decided enough was enough and declared war on Russia… so whos being played here? Russia provokes Georgia, Georgia knows they are fighting a massive army but knows very well the South Ossetian capital is hard for the Russians to defend and they have a chance to take back "their" territory easily…. so georgia rushes in and grabs the land… but whats this…. of course Russia wasnt being silly here, they had several thousand tanks stationed rather closely… you know… incase something… like say a war… caused by their misguided bombs… might ever happen.

shiiit, its all messed up now. Now the russians have a supply line into South Ossetia and are throughly beating the Georgians back from their quick early victory. Not only that, why not let a few bombs fall on the Georgian capital and in a move of stunning irony, on Gori, the hometown of Joseph Stalin, where as you will have noted, exists a 50 meter statue in the big mans honour. I wonder… in Putins master plan… the statue will be left alone. Showing the might of the Russian army by levelling Gori and leaving nothing but the statue standing in the middle of town is something so wonderfully telling I wonder if Putin could help himself*

As wth any conflict anywhere, I hope it is over quickly, a big dose of real UN peacekeepers are needed in that region, not just some dodgy russian ones. My thoughts are with my friends in the region and I know Irena is keeping everyone safe in her homestay in Tbilisi.

*please note this last idea is wild speculation as I sit here in a comfortable hostel in nederlands, hardly anywhere near the action.

Louis Zezeran

Louis Zezeran

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