Tallinn Riots, One Year Later

This last weekend past was the one year anniversary of the riots in Tallinn, remember the ones where they moved the old Soviet statue and the young male Russian population of Tallinn went bezerk and trashed the joint? Its kind of funny because before the event, there wasnt much happening in Tallinn, I mean big… Continue reading Tallinn Riots, One Year Later

You Know You Are In Sweden When…

As seen on a Swedish letterbox… "No Advertising Thank You… But Gladly The IKEA Catalogue" What is missed here is that this sign isnt even needed at all. The IKEA catalogue is not advertising here, its more of an annual cultural bible. An Swede without their IKEA catalogue is like a Swede without salvation.

Greatest Travel Book EVER

Many of you know, of all the things I have done in my travels, language is one of the things ive struggled with the most. I can speak some Estonia, some Swedish, some German but its not enough to have a conversation and despite my want I can always find something else to do beside… Continue reading Greatest Travel Book EVER