Munich to Sankt Gallen – Approaching Warp Speed

December 23, 2007

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rock and roll! Tonight Jack and I are in Sankt Gallen which is in the upper east of Suisse and I love it here. Something about Switzerland just charms me every time, the mountains, the old towns, the funny shaped square flag, their resistance to joining the EU because it would expose all the nazi gold in their accounts, god bless it all!

Plans are crazy, they are almost completely different to the ones I described before, thanks to some hiccups I got to München late and all we could get was a a Fiat… hmmm thats not a 1 series BMW…. hmmm but it has 4 wheels and I hear even a steering wheel so we accepted it… only to realise its an awesome Fiat Bravo with 100Kw and a factory fitted turbo! we have already had it going 230 down the german autobahn… WHICH IS TOTALLY LEGAL. Did I tell you how much I love this shit?

Turns out Greg couldn’t come so Jordanne from Perth came instead, except she already took a train back because she felt sorry for leaving her brother, I hope she can meet us again in Italy for Boxing Day. Anyone fancy a glass of fine Italian wine and a plate of good pasta while watching the cricket?

Where to tomorrow? Dont know yet, maybe we will stay in Suisse another day, its lovely here and its good fun to cruise around the mountains. Ive been eating schnitzels, driving very fast and admiring gorgeous scenery. I think i am in love.

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Louis Zezeran

Louis Zezeran

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