Christmas Eurotrip 2007!

December 21, 2007

Dont tell scotty, its eurotrip time again!

Wondering what to do with our Christmas, Jack and I are going to keep it a family affair and spend the holiday season doing what we do best, crazy euro road trips! Jacks got an NZ mate along for the ride too!

Given the demise of our beloved Eurotank we are hiring a car for 7 days and you know the way with rental car companies, however this isnt amercia and the choice isnt for a saturn… the car class is either a BMW 1 series, Volvo C30 or VW Golf. Needless to say we are praying to high heavens for the BMW, first time was the ring second time the austrian alps, a good sequel? I think so!

Tomorrow Im flying Stockholm to Salzburg where Jack and his mate will meet me, having rented the car out of  Munich. Then its off to Innbrucks for the night, then across the alps into Swiss to Sankt Gallen to see Judith, then its time to head south and push into Italy! Both Jack and I havnt been there so a flirt with the north will be rocking. Its around here plans start to get sketchy but I think we could pass through fair Verona and then its back east again to the Slovenian seaside where Meelika and Matic will be over these days, I just cant stay away from those two, god bless ’em.

Heres the map, it ends at Trieste because google road maps dont seem to like Slovenia.. I cant blame them really, all that backward ex socialist roads! After Piran on the Slovenian coast it would be the big final leg back up to Munich, getting to Franz Josep airport on saturday morning with just enough time to get me on the AirBaltic flight to Riga and new years in the Baltics.

Its time to hit the road! Get some go again!

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Louis Zezeran

Louis Zezeran

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