Irenas Homestay, Tbilisi

UPDATE It sees my page now comes up the top of the list when you search for home stays in Tbilisi! Irena has a webpage but i cant remember what it is and its virtually impossible to find on google. If you want to stay and Irenas and who wouldnt…. Homestay Irene -19b Ninoshvili tel:… Continue reading Irenas Homestay, Tbilisi

In Tbilisi and Wet

Not much time but we are in Tbilisi and spent the day walking around, its a nice city, its not quite chickens and donkeys on the sidewalk, its quite pleasant in fact. It is wet though so not sure of the next move, we are in a sweet little guesthouse called Irenas Homestay, this lady… Continue reading In Tbilisi and Wet

First Stop, Riga Latvia

One ferry ride later and Im in my first stop, good old Riga! I took the overnight ferry from Stockholm last night, the old rust bucket Regina Baltica, the smaller, less impressive of Tallinks Baltic fleet. as you can see above, 5pm leaving Stockholm harbour is quite the afternoon rush. Our boat may be small,… Continue reading First Stop, Riga Latvia

Smoke Sauna Of Fiscal Policy

Im sitting here at work first thing in the morning feeling a bit bored, not an uncommon thing given its July and Swedish business virtually shuts down over this time, so im sitting and thinking. Im thinking about my thoughts and impressions of Eesti and how they have changed over time. Theres been a lot… Continue reading Smoke Sauna Of Fiscal Policy