Cultural Learnings Of… Stalins Home Town

July 19, 2007

ok im a bit out of order, given the lack of net Ive been writing blogs on my laptop to keep them fresh. We are in Gori right now, hometown of this bloke

Look familiar? The only place in the world I think where they still have standing statues of him and not just on the grounds of the museum either, theres a big assed 50 meter tall one in the center of town too. Focus on the good parts people, focus on the good parts.

As you can see, Iiris and I had slightly different reactions when seeing the great leader in front of us.

Whats crappening Stalin? Now the Estonians reaction..

Gori is an amazing little town, much cleaner than Tbilisi and has far more room to move in. There arnt too many tourists either, ive counted about 5 all day, by jolly am I glad Iiris is here to speak to everyone in Russian, it would be a true test of body language to get by with only English. We spent a night here and today looking at the museum and the fortess on the hill, which has a fantastic view over the entire city. It is surrounded by mountains and once the heat of the day left we walked up a near by hill to a church and cemetary. Up there I must say I felt a real moment of peace, the cool breeze was cooling down the afternoon, there was a gorgeous view over the mountains and down to the concrete clad town of Gori, to the north was the road to South Ossetia and our great adventure the day before or maybe it was just gods influence as I sat on the steps to one of his houses but I felt good. I felt like we were really away from it all, to somewhere a little less visited but still amazingly worthwhile. We had made it this far, between Iiris’ psychology and translation skills and my sheer blind enthuasim for whatever is around the next corner, I knew whatever lies down those train tracks, we can deal with it.

Tonight 23:30 is the overnight train to the seaside, thats if they have spare seats, see the train starts in Tbilisi, an hour away and they cant tell us, until the train has left Tbilisi, if there will be any spare seats. pure gold.

As you can expect, Ive been making videos like crazy, heres a video blog outside the Stalin Museum

Louis Zezeran

Louis Zezeran

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