Cultural Learnings Of… Putin Speaks to IOC, In English!

So this week Sochi in Russia won the bid to host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Great Success! One of the major factors attributes to this win is the main man himself, your favourite ex KGB bad ass and mine, President Putin flying down to Guatemala himself to give a speech and not just any speech my friends a speech in English! Putin NEVER speaks in English in public and then he caps it of with a line in French too! What a man! There hasnt been such a great Olympic speech since Australia rolled out Tanya Blanco, the girl with the oversized breasts and overextending arm gestures for our speech for the 2000 games. "In the year 2000 I will be 18, who will remember me?" I will Tanya, I will. hahaha thats champagne sketch comedy.

Anyway enough with the obscure australian comedy references, we are talking about Putin, here’s his speech. I love listening to this guy, in the same way I like to watching the dancing boris video over and over and over again. if your bored skip to the 2:50 mark and watch the next 50 seconds.

Putin makes a funny! What a guy!

For example we plan to lift all restrictions on the minimum stay for delegations. This will be backed up by a special law.

(I have already signed a Decree to this effect).

And one more special privilege:

No traffic jams! I promise!

He sounds like every Russian taxi drive ive ever had in Tallinn

Why dont you come to russia? We will get your entry good russian night club, you have good time

you good russian woman, very beautiful, you will like, so give us the games IOC or maybe you dont remember our old friend Litvinenko?

Putin’s a very smart guy but his accent sounds like Russian mafia, being a fan of communication and a fan of the use of english, I love it. You need to understand where hes coming from too, he speaks about 5 languages and from what I udnerstand he learnt german before english from his time as a KGB hard mofo in former East Germany. I dont know if its me watching him more closely of late but he seems to have more personality coming out and this speech is a great example of that. He smiles in a cheeky way, he tells jokes, he regales us with stories about his skiing trips, who would imagine hes also the guy whos amassing his own personal force of pissed off Russian youths who are solely loyal to him and go out and fuck up anyone who he doesnt like? But come on, he is a wild and crazy guy!

Still I reckon its awesome, you dont need to just analyse Dale Carnegie or Steve Jobs to learn more about good presentation techniques, look for the not so obvious and you will find gold instead.

The full text of the speech can be found at

If you are wondering, here is where Sochi is, right down on the Black Sea… right above a little place called Georgia in fact…

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