Mystery Broadcast from Russia

August 25, 2010

I’ve noticed that there seems to be a strong overlap between comedians and conspiracy theorists. Something about having an overactive mind which analyzes every it is given and eventually patterns form. If you believe it that is. I’m not a conspiracy nut, if the Freemasons do run the world then Im not too worries as long as I can still get my cup of tea each morning but today a conspiracy theory / mystery has stuck in my mind.

UVB-76 or "The Buzzer". Its a shortwave radio signal which has been broadcast from inside Russia (former USSR), constantly since 1987. No explanation was ever given by the Russian government or military and it would send these crazy loud buzzes down over the air at about 25 per minute. No one can explain what it was for. Does it contain coded messages to spies? Is is a dead mans switch for the USSR’s nuclear weapons (ie if the signal stops, meaning Moscow has been bombed, then send off the nukes automatically)? Does it contain a homing beacon so when Putin is up in his chopper putting out a few fires he knows which way is home? The weird thing is that this didnt stop after the end of the USSR.

As well as the buzz, throughout the years there have been incidents of a mans voice instead of the buzzer. Sometimes it sounded like coded information, names, numbers. Other times it seemed like random background chatter was being picked up by people in the broadcast station.

The location of the transmitter is well known, in Povorova, not so far from Moscow.

In fact it only ended about 3 months ago when the buzzer suddenly went silent. No explanation given. Everyone assumed the transceiver has been decommissioned. Then yesterday something started up again, not the buzzer but a mans voice. Giving names and numbers again. Of course we don’t know what they meant. Coded signal? if you plug the numbers in as coordinates then it points to a place in the Barents sea, where there may be Russian vessels right now. Whoa. No more buzzes though.

This stuff is great! What does it mean?

Theres a cool blog about UVB-76 at where you can also listen to a live stream of the signal. Also Wikipedia has lots of good info. Its kinda creepy. Its just static right now but when will the mystery person say something else? Who knows?? Right now there have been reports of random stuff for the last few days. The tone changes. It gets deeper. It sounds like knocking in the room. Wow.

This is some analysis of the signal. LOOK THE SIDEBAND IS CLEARLY SUPPRESSED!! CLEARLY SUPPRESSED! I have no idea what that means but its spooky right?

Actually there is also a very good theory that the transmitter is used for High-frequency Doppler method for ionosphere research. Bugger that, its a code, a code! Im going back to listening to it, the static is a good imitation of the audience after I tell my jokes.

Louis Zezeran

Louis Zezeran

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