Estonian Freedom Monument

August 20, 1991. Hardline Communist party members attempt a coup on the moscow white house. Boris stands upon a tank and the coup is pushed away but it was just enough time for Estonia to declare their independence again. On September 6 1991, the USSR agreed. Here is what stands today in memory of that… Continue reading Estonian Freedom Monument

Mystery Broadcast from Russia

I’ve noticed that there seems to be a strong overlap between comedians and conspiracy theorists. Something about having an overactive mind which analyzes every it is given and eventually patterns form. If you believe it that is. I’m not a conspiracy nut, if the Freemasons do run the world then Im not too worries as… Continue reading Mystery Broadcast from Russia

Leap Of Faith

That Phil Schwarzmann is a clever dude. He made an observation about my jokes the other day: "the audience often has to make a leap to get your joke". Which I actually take as a compliment, hopefully it means I’m writing something which makes them think. When the audience needs to piece my two obscure… Continue reading Leap Of Faith


Its an overcast day in Tallinn and there isnt much to do today but work on my set. We had a great show at Varblane terrace on Sunday where it rained but the show went on, we had our headliner, Tomi Walamies, performing under am umbrella to audience huddled around the terrace. Still this guy… Continue reading Language