English Comedy Tour Of Sweden and Denmark

Next week we will do a tour through Sweden and even into Denmark as well and I am pretty excited for it. Tue March 2nd: Uppsala Sweden, Standup Downstairs @ Kalmar Nation (with Jason Rouse, Ben Kersley and James McKie)Wed March 3rd: Malmö Sweden, Wisecrackers @ Kårhuset Malmö UniversityThur March 4th: Copenhagen Denmark, Wisecrackers @… Continue reading English Comedy Tour Of Sweden and Denmark

Land Of Freedom

Freedom, its everywhere in America. There’s so much freedom that I surrounded constantly by freedom and I can not every hope to escape the freedom. I am trapped and corner by America’s freedom. Its been an awesome time, seeing Ed, Caro, Jorge and Vaughny on the west coast was amazing. For reference, heres Jorge and… Continue reading Land Of Freedom