Phil Schwarzmanns Flyer For The Tour

Phil did this little number for the trip, I love it!

phil schwarzmann flyer sweden denmark comedy tour

English Comedy Tour Of Sweden and Denmark

Next week we will do a tour through Sweden and even into Denmark as well and I am pretty excited for it.

Tue March 2nd: Uppsala Sweden, Standup Downstairs @ Kalmar Nation (with Jason Rouse, Ben Kersley and James McKie)
Wed March 3rd: Malmö Sweden, Wisecrackers @ Kårhuset Malmö University
Thur March 4th: Copenhagen Denmark, Wisecrackers @ Dubliner Irish Bar
Fri March 5th:  Lund Sweden, Wisecrackers @ Västgöta Nation
Sat March 6th: Copenhagen Denmark, Fidel’s Bar
Sun March 7th: Malmö Sweden, Wisecrackers @ Fagan’s Bar

Comedy is looking great in Scandinavia right now, we have entertainment in Stockholm, Malmö, Copenhagen and Helsinki in the coming months. Keep watching the blogs and the twitter for updates as the tour progresses!

The tour is happening with these two good looking blokes

joe eagan
Joe Eagan
From Wisecrackers in Southern Sweden
phil schwarzmann
Phil Schwarzmann
The voice of English comedy in Finland

 and our first show in Uppsala is a big affair adding these 3, possibly even better looking blokes

jason rouse
Jason Rouse
International star from Canada
 ben kersley
Ben Kersley
Sweden’s only Swinglish Comedian

James McKie
All round nice guy

Cultural Learnings Of… Snow

Today was a great day in Stockholm and it wasnt just because it was the first sunny day in two weeks. It wasnt also because it was friggin cold, starting at about -20 and rising to a balmy -14 or so. It was the effect that cold had on the city: It was total society meltdown (pardon the pun).

Stockholm has had colder weather this winter, for sure but in the last month the snow has really come, its every where, piled meters high next to the roads, whole cars get buried underneath and small children are often lost forever if they stray off the path. So we have a city covered in snow and THEN it snapped cold and public transport in this city ground to a halt… which send everyone to their icy cars… which ground every road in the city to a halt as well.

Now usually Swedes are pretty good at dealing with the cold, we are in the north and its a regular thing so we have the ploughs and the winter tires and we even know how to drive on ice, so it is with a slight superiority we look at middle America right now which got a few days of snow, about its only all year and they had a total society breakdown. HA! We said, unprepared set of wussy girls. Here in the north we know how to do cold.

However, I think every country with a bad winter has 3 or 4 days a year of batshit-craziness, just for Sweden it happens about 15 degrees C colder than it does for middle America. In Siberia they probably have something they called "chaos" too, however as outsiders it might be hard for us to understand their "normal" from their "chaos".

Today was that day for Stockholm and everyone collectivly gave up. We are all a bit sick of the snow and today was the day Stockholms chucked a wobbly and couldnt take it anymore. I saw several cars just abandoned on the side of the road, the owners seemingly fed up or unable to make any further progress due to traffic or road grip and have legged it instead. With some trains out communuters had to wait for a precious few busses and Ive never seen Swedes so disorganised. People just standing in the middle of the road, I thought Id entered downtown Jakarta and I was being decended upon by beggers, no rather just exhausted Swedish commuters who were dazed and confused and wanted to get somewhere, anywhere.

Today I got the Volvo serviced and I cant help but feel I got shafted and recieved the tourist tax, which rather than being a Swedish thing, is a mechanics thing. I thought id take it to the cool small mechanics nearby but the guys English was about the level of my Swedish. At least at the dealer I could have spoken to someone clearer. Still we live and learn and after a wash, everything is looking good.

Here is my quick snap from the start of the day, left over night and found in a morning temperature of -18, the car turns over first go.

Land Of Freedom

Freedom, its everywhere in America. There’s so much freedom that I surrounded constantly by freedom and I can not every hope to escape the freedom. I am trapped and corner by America’s freedom.

Its been an awesome time, seeing Ed, Caro, Jorge and Vaughny on the west coast was amazing. For reference, heres Jorge and Vaughny

Over in San Francisco Ed and I made a discovery which blew our small small minds. Riding along in a cable car we both let out small yelps (ok mine was a bit larger) when we noticed this sitting in a public garage in full view

AMAZING. Ed and I went back the next day and took these shots while the garage guard looked on with indifference. Maybe he gets fanboys like us all the time.

Seattle and the Boeing factory, amazing. Vegas… its sort of like a dream now. Vegas is like Disneyland for adults except Mini Mouse has her tits out and Goofey is handing you another tasty tasty Margarita. Amsterdam may have pot but it is very very tame compared to Vegas. Yup.

Now Im chilling in Atlanta with Detes, meeting the peeps, walking the dog. I did visit the CNN Center today and got a tour of the studios. Like wow. Unfortunately I did not meet Richard Quest despite my best stalking efforts. The Coke museum is exactly what you would expect plus you get free samples at the end, i do miss Vanilla Coke.

A few free days left before the flight back to the Arctic tundra of the north again.

I have made some important cultural learnings about America though. I have a new favorite TV show. Of all time. You know the drill sargent from Full Metal Jacket, R. Lee Ermey? Well he has a new TV show called Lock N Load where he takes a whole bunch of guns and… fires them at stuff all in glorious HD and super high speed cameras. This is the reason HD was invented people, its AMAZING. Just watch a minute of it. Just one minute and you will be SOLD.