Lost In The Baltics

Its been a while, I know. Its true I have been off with my one true love, the swedish one… thats right the Volvo! It is summertime here and after living in a country where we take hot sun for granted as always being there, Im starting to really appreciate summer days again. The last weeks have been hot, some even too hot for me and when its sunny now, I feel a real pull to be outside, I must make the most of every moment. With this spirit in mind Ive been to a music festival in Latvia for 2 days where Fatboy Slim rocked the set and after this I crashed in on a big group of international friends who were travelling through the Baltics. There were people from all over, Baltics, Slovenia, Germany, Italy, Spain you name it and I camped with them for some days through Latvia and Estonia. I saw some old friends of mine, Mojca from Slovenia was there as well as Anita from Latvia and I met a bunch of really great new people too.

Theres some new photos up in the gallery, both of Latvia and also of our Jaanipäev which Iiris took. One of my favourites is from a trip we took to a Latvian bobsled track, which is still in ue (in winter duuh) and on the side they had a monument to the greatest winter olmypics of them all, the ones held in Sarajevo in Yugoslavia in 1984. With Mojca coming from Slovenia and on this day I was chosing to identify with the Serbian part of my heritage (it changes on a daily basis, Romania, Serbia, Australia, Estonia…) we had a brief but beautiful moment to remember the old country.

So whats next? Ive been chilling in Stockholm for a few days, its awesome now I have a massive car again I can put all of my crap into it, Ive brought one of my bikes too, aint no better way to see a place than on 2 wheels. In the next few days I am heading on


what is this Eurotrip2008 I hear you ask? Why do I always start sentences with questions I hear you ask?? oh. right. So seeing as its a lovely summer and now I have this big volvo and all and you know, petrol is so cheap these days… and I am working in Amsterdam in a few weeks again I though that a big roadtrip was in order. Flying is no fun, so clincal, all that check in and waiting for your baggage stuff… how abouta few weeks on the road to really get to know my new swedish auto?

So Ill be heading to Copenhagen first and stay with my good man Nils for a night then its down into central europe and hitting Holland. Anna will join me for a few days and we will do some camping around the coast and then I still have free time to check out Holland and go pester Hester a bit more in Utrecht. oohh and of course I have the bike too… all I need is a pair of wooden shoes and I am as dutchie as they come.

So viva la eurotrip2008! Its time to hit the road, fire up the volvo and enjoy the summer in europe!

By Louis Zezeran

Louis Zezeran is an Australian Stand Up comedian and comedy promoter based in Tallinn, Estonia. He was the co-founder of Comedy Estonia, Comedy Finland and Comedy Latvia. Louis writes, does gigs and performs at private events through the Baltics and Finland

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