Cultural Learnings Of… Malaysia (in pictures)

May 25, 2008

The inflight entertainment on Malaysia Airlines shows you the direction to Mecca at anytime if you need to pray

Sunrise over KL from 19th floor, Cititel Hotel

I couldnt get enough of these mobile phone ads at the train station.

oohh poor sad face! She seems rather amused by his sad face. At first i thought it meant he called late because something bad had happened. then i realised she is just dating a player. This next one is THE BEST.

"He was angry at me. He didnt want to talk to me. So I said sorry through MMS".  I cant decide if I would be more or less amused if that was a white woman.

This is the Steam Boat and it is the best invention in food EVER: There are lots of skewers with good food like prawns and fish balls and muscles and tofu and all kinds beauteness. You then dip it into the tub of boiling water for a few minutes until its cooked and then put sweet and sour and chilli over it. Oh man, I could have stayed there all night.

You said it buddy…

Finally, even the colonel himself changes his menu for the local culture, what a guy. I didnt go into a store to see if they have a picture of him in these ones too. Man what Id give for one of those Colonel Sanders picture frames they have in each store.

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