Cultural Learnings Of… Working In Sweden

June 27, 2007

So whats it like working in Sweden? AWESOME, is the answer!

A small photo gallery of my office

I work for a consulting company in the city, meaning they hire us and then we get pimped out to our clients to do work for them. My company is great, they really look after you, as you can see from the photos, its like some kind of brochure inside… and then just wait till its filled with good looking Swedish professionals all walking around with sharp suits and handsfree mobile cords hanging from their ears. Its a very motivating environment and they seem to like I am the madman aussie who comes in to jump around alot and has as many bright ideas as he can.

I like doing business with Swedes, they tend to bring their cultural habits to the table, I find it easy to talk with them and come to an agreement. They are generally quite opened minded, they sit and listen to what you have to say and for the most part are quite rational about the way they do things. Having understanding people around you makes things so much easier, when I interviewed with the current big boss of my department, he was the first employer ever to really care about my outside activities. He seemed to understand that all my travels and cultural learnings and acting and everything can make me a far more well rounded consultant. Thats one thing every Estonian says about Estonia, basically you have a good chance of your boss being a c**t. Thats one thing I dont get, how long does it take for an employer to realise that you cant rule over someone with fear. I thought the russians would have taught them that. Ooohh take that one.

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