Tartu Spring Days

In the last few days the Tallinn and the rest of the country has calmed down and everythings back to order here. The night after the main riots the government locked down all public alcohol sales in tallinn and the greater area and the cops were fairly well prepared for any yobbos who tried to… Continue reading Tartu Spring Days

Waiting in Estonia

After learning about the likes of Lenin and walking on water like another great saviour of the ages, things are starting to slow down, the days are becoming less involved and im starting to unwind. Its been a crazy-assed month for me, I started all the way over in Germany and ended up at the… Continue reading Waiting in Estonia

Whats the Deal?

Hoi! Off the radar? Hard to find? Thats me right now, Ive been heading up north now for a few weeks now, heading towards Scando-land… and wanna know why? Ive made the choice! Im going to take the job in Stockholm! Rockin! After having months of indecision it all became clear to me a few… Continue reading Whats the Deal?