Ski Slovenia

Ive made it down to Rijeka in Croatia but more on that one later, lets just say its good to see the water again, oh yes. However, 2 days ago I finally did go skiing in Slovenia with Mojca and her two friends and it was fantastic, rock and roll! Matic leant me the gear… Continue reading Ski Slovenia

What To Do With Eurotank?

This car is a pain in my ass right now, its sitting in München, it doesnt work, its unregistered and needs to get moved soon… You can even see its big assed white roof from space…

Slow Train to Slovenia

I am loving these train rides! Today I went down from Salzburg to Ljubljana through the east part of the alps and it was fantastic, lots of snow still up on the high peaks and plenty of tunnels… miii scuuuuzie! Heres my first video blog of the year to keep you all entertained. As a… Continue reading Slow Train to Slovenia

heute gestohlen, morgen polen

Salzburg, Austria. Birthplace of mozart and eastern gateway to the alps, what more can be said about this place which hasnt been said before? It was once home to a race of super human nordic mathematicians? It sits at the boundary between contintental europe and asia? This city wasnt settled until 1992? None of those… Continue reading heute gestohlen, morgen polen

Head Hurts In Bratislava

Cop the photos Ive taken here Ive been checking out Bratislava for a few days now and its a pretty sweet place, i really dig it here. The old town center is packed with non stop little cafes and bars which are all uber trendy. Today im going up to the castle, its the big… Continue reading Head Hurts In Bratislava