Send In The Dancing Nurses!

Ive got a few hours to kick back in Vienna and I am havign a ball here, the last few days have been a über fun wirlwind of meeting lots of really cool new people and having some great parties. I am staying with my friend Sarah here and its definitly a nice place to lose a few days, art (old and new), schnitzels and vienese coffee make for some good times.

They have a lot of old building in Vienna, its choice.

But lets start the story where i left off a few days ago, in Bratislava and I was going to the dance party… ahh I remember it clearly.. sort of. The nice girl at the reception told me to get the bus right to the end so I did and it turns out the event is in a massive student dorm building, so I followed my nose around the place, asked a few people and came to the room, a massive area which turns out to be their own club inside the dorm building. It goes off each weekend but this one was special, a twice a year party with all the trappings and a DJ from london and all. As I entered I immediately saw my friends from the night before and we got settled into it…

And what a night it was! We danced and danced and the guys were really cool, introducing me to all their friends, who also spoke really good english, I feel like I met half of Bratislava that night. The DJ from London was good too, he was a wanker for sure but thats a professional qualification for a DJ, his music was good and I was going off like a frog in a sock. By this stage ive got people coming up to me "oh hey, your that aussie guy!" and we would have a chat. I even found 2 other aussies in the club too, one works in Bratislava and the other was visiting them from London. The cool vibe in this town seems to be a magnet for people from all over, I lost count of the different nationalaities which were represented there.

Come 5am the party winds down and we all head into town to the after party at a club in town which hasnt opened yet where we chilled out for the rest of the evening and I met the other half of the party I hadnt at the club. However, come 8am I had a problem, it was time for me to go, my train to Vienna was leaving at 10am and I had to go pack my shit and get a move on, so much to the other wishes of my mates, I had to leave the party and bid farewell to everyone with a big smile on my face. Bratislava had proved to be a rockin town full of cool, really welcoming people. I still hadnt slept my this stage and manged to make it through till 3pm before mz head hit a pillow, which is a major achievment, usually im cranky pants if I miss an hours sleep, but there was too much fun to be had, im back in Vienna and thats exctement in itself.

Since then ive just been chilling out in Wien… ok so you know the schnitzel comes from Vienna but heres how stupid I am, amongst many things I didnt know before I came to europe (did someone say nein sprechen ze doitch?), I didnt realise the german language spells Vienna as Wien (say Veen in English) and Wiener is something from Wien so thusly a Wiener Schnitzel is a schnitty from Vienna… oh man soemtimes we really lack some things in australia… Just as some people think aussie do nothing but drink beer and ride kangaroos, some aussies thing people in Vienna walk around all day in a red outfit like mozart and play classical music. For sure, thats exactly how it is here.

After this im off to Salzburg on Wednesday to see the crazied Estonian Meelika and then sometime over the weekend down to Loobs to catch up with everyone, it was really nice to hear they are looking forward to seeing me again awww, i love yous guys too. Then, I break for new territory again briefly, going down to Rijeka on the Croatian coast where I fly back to Köln in Germany. Im on a bit of a bender at the moment, having an awesome time, getting a lot of energy from being back in such awesome places… still Dieters photos on the eurotrip site make me wish for the aussie beach a little bit.

Incase you dont know, heres Vienna, im at a dicey net cafe behind the westbahnhof and to the right a bit is the main center of town. Next Stop: Salzburg in the west of Austria

By Louis Zezeran

Louis Zezeran is an Australian Stand Up comedian and comedy promoter based in Tallinn, Estonia. He was the co-founder of Comedy Estonia, Comedy Finland and Comedy Latvia. Louis writes, does gigs and performs at private events through the Baltics and Finland

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