About Louis

Comedian, host, funny guy, IT consultant… wait what?

Hailing from Australia but now calling Estonia home, hes a bit of a disappointment by Australian standards having only lived in 5 different countries. While he took out the Under-16 crocodile wrestling championship and it looked like he had a bright future on the national circuit, Louis chose to give it up and study Computer Science at University instead.

After studying for 4 years and working for 2 years Louis, ever the bright spark, realized maybe sitting around in an office all day wasn’t for him and embarked on a new path as a theater producer in Sydney. This came about when he realized that project managing a group of rowdy actors wasn’t all that different to project managing an IT team and led him to coin his now famous phrase “shut up, stop crying and get on the stage already”.

In 2009, finding himself in Sweden, Louis began to apply himself to artistic endeavors again and joined the popular stand up comedy scene in Stockholm, being a performer and co-founder of Sweden’s first all English comedy club. Louis as continued to evolve as a performer and producer in 2010, running clubs in Finland and organizing the very first Stand Up Comedy shows in Estonia, using the cleverly named title “Comedy Estonia”.

Style Of Comedy

Louis has a like-able connection with the audience when he performs. He has great experience as the host and MC of comedy evenings and often talks to the audience, making jokes with the crowd and letting them become part of the action. Louis likes to make fun of cultural differences, using his experience of living in Sweden, Finland and Estonia to compare the 3 countries and have a poke at everyone.