The Sleepy Island of Koh Chang

Ive been here in Thailand for almost a week now and it is pretty sweet. Hot. humid and the food is good. I needed to get away, the Nordic winter was sending me nuts. Or I was sending me nuts, I’m not sure yet.

Today I feel dozy. I have had trouble sleeping since I arrived from a combination of jetlag and parties fill with buckets of booze, so I went to the “Pharmacy”
Me: Can I get something to help me sleep
Guy: Only with prescription
Me: But do you have something less strong? Just to help me sleep

partyArtist representation of my arrival at Bangkok airport

He then hands over a sheet of pills which come from a box marked “mild tranquilizer”. Wait, that sounds like some shit they give to horses and elephants. He advised me to “start with 2 pills”.

Well I did wake at 8am this morning for breakfast but after this I still lay around in bed like a dosed up Samaritan Tiger being shown to tourists. 2 pills… my ass McBain… more like half a pill dude. I am starting to doubt that this gentlemen, who works on a remote part of a Thai Island, has had proper Pharmacy training. Shocked I am.

tigerArtist interpretation of me this morning. Much like the tiger I hope I don’t get hunted for my penis. It would make a very short soup.

I am here simply to relax, no crazy adventures as when Dieter, Adam and I came here for he first time in 2006. I am back on the island of Koh Chang, a but lame to come where you have been but see above about the goal to be relaxing in the sun and I think this island is a nice mix of touristic and authentic.

“Authentic” is the word on every backpackers mind. They want the authentic experience. I am rather treasonous amongst backpackers as I dont really like all the cultural stuff. I went to a temple in Bangkok and ended up taking photos of a fat security guard with a tight uniform. Now that was funny. In 2006 when we went to Ankor Wat in Cambodia, I was bored in an hour. Now these are virtually blasphemous words in backpacker circles. Heaven forbid we don’t follow the ways laid down by the scared Lonely Planet. The hip place to go us now Myanmar, as one backpacker put it “they have coca-cola, I want to see it before they have McDonalds” I dunno dude, I can experience that in V├Áru in South Estonia too.

Having said that, if I was on a trip to Myanmar, I would have a Lonely Planet, I would just get it as an app on my iPhone cause a) I can then still pretend im hip and doing it without the guide and b) who the fuck carries a book the size of world and peace around these days?

Oh and here is old mate at the temple. Fashionista.