Speech Karaoke

Last night I went to a “Speech Karaoke” night in Tallinn where they prepare famous speeches and anyone can get up and deliver them. I had  a lot of fun and I got to try some different stuff out. They had some costumes laying around so I delivered Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address with a furry dog head on.

Two Years Later, It’s Back To The Saddle

I really can’t afford it but fuck it, I want this so bad. I went into Hawaii Express today and they had a Scott S40 down from 900€ to 600€ so I snapped it up right there. I have been beaming all afternoon and I can’t wait to pull on the lycra get back into the saddle tomorrow morning. That’s if it doesn’t snow. Yes. It’s sleeting now.

Here she is, endless kilometres around Tallinn await me!

April Madness

April marks the 2 year anniversary of Comedy Estonia and we have something stupid like 7 shows going on. Then in May we have a tour too. So there is a lot happening.

Sometimes I get a bit frustrated because I have to constantly explain why I live here. I don’t blame people, it is natural to be curious so its ok but this weekend I have been asked about 28 times. That’s also before I got too drunk and stopped counting. God bless. I wonder if Dave Benton still gets asked. Maybe he will snap one day “I WON EUROVISION MOTHERFUCKER, FOR YEARS I WAS THE ONLY BLACK GUY HERE, HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW?”

Ive had a pelmeenid craving for a while now. Why are those little suckers so good with hapukoor? I like Hapukoor. I hate sour cream. In Australia sour cream is a shitty condiment we put on potato wedges at best. In Estonia, haupkoor gets put on everything and its a delicious and tasty addition in which every mouthful brings you closer to citizenship. Maybe it’s because it comes in a bag?

Here are some photos of the past month or so.

Estonian Air had a social media stunt where if you get a photo with their new plane, you get a discount. I got my photo and my discount.

I was in an ad recently where I had to wear a ring. Except the ring didn’t come off again and had to be cut off.

Stew performed at a party for some classy lawyers the other night. Really nice affair…

except for some reason among the very well dressed best and brightest of Talinn there was a person running around in a chicken suit.

Waterfalls outside of Tallinn, still icy

This guy in his Bentley was in such a hurry to park at Tallinn airport he left it up on the curb. Couldn’t the private jet wait a few moments longer?

Big and happy crowd at Möku for our open mic


Great, now I have the chicken dance stuck in my head!