End of The Year As We Know It And I Feel Fine

It has been a big week. The biggest of weeks, the week to end the year. 5 shows, 4 days, 5 cities.

Tuesday: Tartu for the Estonian show. Small crowd but still into it. A fun night also that Nigel Williams joined us to hang out. Everyone got the practise they needed for the night after..

Wednesday: Club Prive Tallinn. Our first big Estonian language show. A night to remember. We had the crew plus Estonian celebrity comedian Peeter Oja performing and the house came down. We showed them that stand up comedy can be funny in Estonian.

Stewart Johnson on stage at the “Stand Up Comedy with Louis and Eric” Estonian show

Thursday: Apollo Helsinki. Christmas party season in Helsinki and the crowd was rough. Really rough. Luckily we had Nigel Williams, who after 2 days of watching shows was like a pitbull unleashed. The crowd was drunk and yelling stupid shit and thank god we had Nigel there, anyone else would have died on their ass. My favourite part was when Nigel threw the mic stand across the stage. The drunks didnt shut up the whole show and afterwards when the main one was standing at the bar, I witnesses him pissing at the bar. Ill say that again. He unzipped his trousers and pissed at the bar. Welcome to christmas time in Finland. I also got to see Phil Schwarzmann again who was back in town for a few nights.

Nigel Williams on stage at Apollo in Helsinki

Friday: Tampere and Turku. Our 550km adventure started by driving to Tampere to do a private show for Intel. It was a fun multicultural crowd and Ahmed and I both had loads of fun. After this we drive another 2 hours to Turku for the main show there and it was a blast, cool Christmas crowd, drunk but not too drunk. Only one guy had to be forceably removed. That’s a good night!

Everyone did well this week: Stew, Janika, Andy, Andrei, Peeter, Ahmed, Ali, Nigel, Robert, Keiu and Derek. It was a great week I work with some great comedians here. So now its 2 weeks off to sit and think about 2012 and how things are going to be even better


This weekend I was in Norway to perform at Latter, which is probably the best comedy club in Europe. They have 3 stages, a great restaurant, a bar / club and the whole thing is so professionally run. I did Friday and Saturday there and both shows were sold out.

Jesus the food in Latter is good, these were the best lamb chops I’ve ever tasted and they gave me a small mountain of them too. Norwegian lamb is the way to go, shove it up your ass Sam Kekovich

The weather in Oslo was perfect, not too cold but a nice layer of snow everywhere. I stayed down by the water and it was super pretty. Getting around Oslo is pretty easy. I like Oslo, its the perfect combination of Stockholm and Helsinki. Doesn’t have the attitude of Stockholm and has more nice old buildings than Helsinki.

Both nights the headliner was Dag Sørås, the best comedian in Norway right now and a bloke I’m happy to call my friend. In a country without much political comedy, he is slamming it to them and the crowd loves him. I also recorded a podcast with him about how the shootings have affected Norway, which you can find here.

I had fun both nights but the second one was definitely better, I had a second half slot just before Dag and I loved the rowdy drunk Christmas audiences. You don’t get many hecklers in Finland and Estonia and I loved facing off against some guys who were so drunk they could barely speak English. I had a load of fun and everyone was super cool to me.

I’m back in Tallinn now and I have a huge week ahead: Tartu, Tallinn, Helsinki, Tampere, Turku. If I can make it through this week the year is almost over.

Here is a video of the take off from Oslo airport today.

Belgium and Amsterdam

Last week Stewart, Eric, Isak Jansson and I went down to Belgium and Amsterdam and did 3 gigs. We had a great time, everyone was super cool to us and it was nice to perform to new crowds where we cant do any Estonian/Finnish schtick. I really need to get out of Estonia more, I miss the eurotrip badly.