Presentation Consulting

Recently I have started a new side project, Presentation Consulting. I work with the Tehnopol Start-up Incubator group and I have been coaching some of their start-up CEO’s in how to give better presentations. This involves watching their pitches and then we discuss both the content of their slides and also their general delivery. I… Continue reading Presentation Consulting

Pictures from Last Week

It was another huge week of comedy last week, 4 shows in 4 cities. I am learning to cope with the increasing pace by eating well and not drinking. That’s a bad way of dealing with it. My Finnish friend Jesse, knows how to knock back a drink His mouth is on fire in this… Continue reading Pictures from Last Week

Woken By Russians

  In Tartu and last night we were woken by some Russian guys yelling downstairs. Unfortunately my Russian is limited to 4 words. Dah, Nyt, Speciba and Sooka. The last two words are “thank you” and “bitch”. I swear I didn’t learn these last two words together. It It has been another big week, 4… Continue reading Woken By Russians