Podcast Update – Now “Delayed Departure with Louis Zezeran”

The Comedy Estonia podcast has been going well and it became time to remove the Estonia branding and release it to the world. So now it has a new look and a new name

“Delayed Departure with Louis Zezeran”

I mulled a ton of names relating to comedy, also a bunch of euro names to reflect these are european comedians but eventually the theme of comedians on tour won me and the simplicity of this name.

The podcast has a new website at www.ddpod.com check it out!

Pictures From The Last Week

My mate from home, Evin Donohoe performing in Möku in Tartu

This is where you do a bo-bo

Carving Pumkins for Halloween

Stew and Kairits kids, Ellis and Clara on Halloween

Henrik Blomkvist on stage at his great club in Stockholm, El Mundo

Evelyn Mok on stage at Mitt i Smeten in Stocholm

A New Video

Here is a new video of me taken by the nice guys at White Herring Video