Estonian TV

Last night Comedy Estonia had our segment on Pealtnägija which is kind of like Estonian “60 minutes”. This is a pretty big thing for us, due to good fortune we have had this and Playboy come out in our anniversary month and we couldn’t have asked for this to have gone better. This is really fantastic and I am so proud of all the comedians and Estonian public who have supported us. I have also had the pleasure of going to the store and buying 3 copies of Playboy at once.

Check out the show online, skip forward to 33 minutes

Louis’ Guide to the 2011 Finnish Elections

In a few weeks Finland is having a general election and like in all countries, there is lots of political advertising around the place. Well, actually no. Finland doesn’t really have that much but what they do have is gold. Check ou tmy thoughts on some of the candidates in my area, the central Helsinki district.

Louis’ Guide to the 2011 Finnish Elections on Facebook

The Single Greatest Moment Of My Life

I doubt the birth of my first child will be any prouder a moment than this one. Eric and I have been interviewed by Playboy Estonia. Now I have an excuse to buy those 10 copies. Check it out, right down the bottom left there.

One Year of Comedy Estonia

April marks the one year anniversary of Comedy Estonia and its gone better than I ever hoped it could have. We started a year ago wondering if anyone would come to our shows, now we run at least 4 shows a month and get up to 200 people into each venue. The crowds are good too, they know us, know what we do. They are learning about comedy with all the different shows we do.

In April we are doing our most shows ever in a month, 7, which is going to be the most fun but the most challenging thing we have done yet. We aren’t stopping there and we have plans for even better shows and a cool summer program too.

It is pretty cool to be able to live this life. We are putting on shows, making people laugh, starting to get paid for it and changing a country bit by bit. The spring hasn’t arrived yet  but that’s ok. Its good to be doing what you want to do.

Now I am challenged with the task of coming up with 7 new minutes of material for Wednesday nights show at Drink Baar. Writing fresh material each month has been challenging but a good bootcamp for all of us. I did some jokes in Helsinki last night about their racist party “Perussuomalaiset”, that was really satisfying, its not material which will last for long because the elections are in 3 weeks but its relevant and about a topic on everyone’s mind.

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