24 Hours in Amsterdam

Not as sexy, high or cool as it sounds. The Sydney Morning Herald reports “Europe trapped in deep freeze”. Everywhere in Europe that is, except the typically cold parts, like the Nordics. My plane was delayed arriving in Amsterdam by a mechanic fault but it has left me stuck in the middle of a continent… Continue reading 24 Hours in Amsterdam

Lost In Transit

My trip to Australia has landed me in Amsterdam airport for the night. Our plane was delayed out of Helsinki and I missed the connection so now I need to bunk down in AMS for the night as I have been rescheduled to go at 13 tomorrow. Now in fairness, I am rescheduled on Cathay… Continue reading Lost In Transit

Barry from Bankstown

Last month at our open mic in Möku Tartu we had an old mate of mine drop by, Barry the Bogan from Bankstown. Barry can be distinguished by his oversized mustache which clearly only some kind of real man could grow. Sadly thats where Barry’s talents ended. All he had were three dicks jokes and… Continue reading Barry from Bankstown