Last Night at Club Prive

We did our first new show at Club Prive in Tallinn last night and it was a good night, we had funny comedians and this guy, Lasse Nilsen, really ended the show on a huge note and left everyone feeling great. There were more journalists there, we were on the radio this morning and someone… Continue reading Last Night at Club Prive

Picture From Last Week

Last week they had us on Noorte TV, a youth run internet TV station in Tartu. It was a lot of fun and in the studio Evelyn Mok took this photo, I kind of like it.

My Interview with Kimmo Wilska

As promised we had Kimmo Wilska on stage the other night at Manala, responding to his sacking after his super hilarious prank on air in Finland. I really enjoyed talking to Kimmo and I think we had some very funny moments.

Im Not Sure What We Started

Today, I sit back and wonder what the fuck we have started here. Something big, something a lot of people are enjoying. Something I am enjoying more than I can say. The last 3 nights we have performed in Estonia to really fantastic, warm, big crowds. Last night at Drink Baar the crowd was big… Continue reading Im Not Sure What We Started

Stand Up. On A Tram. In Helsinki

Last week Phil, Zoe and I did a standup show on a tram in Helsinki as part of a culture festival. Just a tram. With a portable mic. And regular people coming home from work. Check out what happened

A Weekend in Belgium

I just arrived home from my weekend in Belgium and I had such a good time. I stayed with a mate of mine, Kristof and he really showed me great hospitality and was so nice in driving me around town to my gigs, I felt like a rock star, he’s an awesome bloke. It started… Continue reading A Weekend in Belgium

Performing In Belgium

was one Spanish guy in the audience who studied in Tallinn but seemed to know Finnish so he got my uski, kaksi kolmi, vittor, vittor, vittor joke. Seems no one else got my finnish language reference however. Its a gorgeous Sunday morning here in Antwerp Belgium, where I am staying for two nights to do… Continue reading Performing In Belgium