Joe and I Do Some Ferry Karaoke

Last Night at Club Prive

We did our first new show at Club Prive in Tallinn last night and it was a good night, we had funny comedians and this guy, Lasse Nilsen, really ended the show on a huge note and left everyone feeling great. There were more journalists there, we were on the radio this morning and someone said Playboy Estonia will be writing something about us? Whoa. When do I get my spread in Playgirl Estonia?

Picture From Last Week

Last week they had us on Noorte TV, a youth run internet TV station in Tartu. It was a lot of fun and in the studio Evelyn Mok took this photo, I kind of like it.

My Interview with Kimmo Wilska

As promised we had Kimmo Wilska on stage the other night at Manala, responding to his sacking after his super hilarious prank on air in Finland. I really enjoyed talking to Kimmo and I think we had some very funny moments.

Im Not Sure What We Started

Today, I sit back and wonder what the fuck we have started here. Something big, something a lot of people are enjoying. Something I am enjoying more than I can say.

The last 3 nights we have performed in Estonia to really fantastic, warm, big crowds. Last night at Drink Baar the crowd was big and rowdy. Rowdy. Estonians? Yes. This is really interesting, somehow people have worked out they can be a bit wild at a comedy show and they are letting it all out.

Tonight we are performing in Helsinki and we have a special guest. Watch this video first

This guys name is Kimmo Wilska and hes a presenter on Finnish TV. Or rather he WAS. Last night he pulled this hilarious prank on tv and he got fired. In 24 hours there were 23,000 supporters on a facebook group. However the best part is tonight he will come to our comedy show live and give his side of the story. How fucking cool is that? Thats totally punk rock.

Beside that things are going crazy in Estonia, our new show, Stand Up Comedy with Louis and Eric starts next week in one of Tallinns best nightclubs and we are getting serious media attention, tomorrow Ill film a sketch for one of the most watched morning TV programs and on Monday Eric will be a guest on StarFM.  I am back and forth across the water twice a week now, I practically live on Viking Line. Good thing I like their muffins.

Things are out of control, we have started something big, its really great.

Stand Up. On A Tram. In Helsinki

Last week Phil, Zoe and I did a standup show on a tram in Helsinki as part of a culture festival. Just a tram. With a portable mic. And regular people coming home from work. Check out what happened

Stand Up Comedy with Louis and Eric

Today is a top day because we just announced our big new show in Tallinn, Estonia: Stand Up Comedy with Louis and Eric!

After starting Stand Up comedy in Estonia about 6 months ago, Eric and I have taken the leap into a bigger show, the sort of show we have always wanted to do. 200 seats in a renovated theater, a live jazz band, us in suits and some of the best performers from around Europe. I am really excited about this, a great venue for a great show and I think this is only the beginning.

WHERE: Club Prive, Tallinn Estonia

WHEN: 20th October 2010, Doors open from 19 with Jazz band playing. Show starts at 20:00

TICKETS: 150EEK for presale, strictly only 200 seats available.  You can purchase them at Piletilevi

A Weekend in Belgium

I just arrived home from my weekend in Belgium and I had such a good time. I stayed with a mate of mine, Kristof and he really showed me great hospitality and was so nice in driving me around town to my gigs, I felt like a rock star, he’s an awesome bloke.

It started on Saturday evening with a gig at Cafe de Buster in town, a nice open podium venue. Every comedian I met in Belgium was super nice, down to earth and really open. Kristof and some friends of his came so I even had a few people in the audience for me too.

There are many similarities between central European languages and I could feel it between Swedish, English and Dutch. I could really understand a lot of the Dutch words and even in the north of Belgium, where they speak Dutch, I could understand even more. It made me feel at home to be able to get around and even pick up a little of the conversation.

Sunday was a perfect day in Antwerp, we looked around the city and it is a beautiful old place, people were on the streets, I small smiling, I tasted food with flavor!

A crazy dragon puppet at a street market

Antwerpen Centraal station is the most beautiful train station Ive ever been to. Its huge, gorgeous and has a lot of old shit in there

Zoinks! we even went into a Puppywinkel! Super cute overload! All the kinderhunds!

Of course you have to eat a Belgium waffle!

After Kristof cooked a marvellous meal of local mussels using a special Belgium receipe, the highlight of the weekend was my gig on Sunday night at The Joker in Antwerp.

The people there were so cool, the bar owner told me everything is relaxed and I could do any length of set I wanted. I had been offered the gig by Nigel Williams who is a well known name in Belgium and he was really welcoming. It makes a difference when the people running shows have this kinf of attitude. I did 22 mins in the end, I learnt a lot from the show because I was not performing to my crowd anymore. In Finland and Estonia everyone knows us but here I am just some new dickhead so I wanted the challenge. The crowd were nice and really easy to talk to. Also my old mate Geert came over to see the show too! It was lovely to see him, this is the man that two years ago introduced me to Belgium beer and I have not looked back since.

The highlight of the night was Rick Shapiro, who comes from New York and at first appears to be the Ozzy Osbourne of stand up comedy. Its hard to describe Rick, hes got an intensity, you would swear hes drunk or on drugs but hes not, hes just got this great vibe to him. He came up to the stage and grabs the mic in one hand, while clutching a large pile of papers in the other which seemingly give him inspiration for his next part.

“So I’ve started dating again, because I ran out of hooker money”

The comedians loved it. The crowd loved it too, probably for the first 45 minutes at least. Rick went for a good hour and 20 minutes and after knocking back a few hefty Belgiums I thought it was funny as shit and interesting to see this guy go and go and go. Jason Rouse always says “this is not so much a comedy show, more of a hostage situation”. Last night we witnessed a true comedy hostage situation and I thought it was hilarious. Rick is a great guy too, I wish Id been able to talk to him more, there are bits of his stuff which are inspired genius.

I had a great time in Belgium, the people, the food, the atmosphere, I thought it was great and its given me a kick in the pants. Back into the jokes, theres two shows to do tomorrow.

Performing In Belgium

was one Spanish guy in the audience who studied in Tallinn but seemed to know Finnish so he got my uski, kaksi kolmi, vittor, vittor, vittor joke. Seems no one else got my finnish language reference however.

Its a gorgeous Sunday morning here in Antwerp Belgium, where I am staying for two nights to do 2 shows here. I was working in Amsterdam this week and through some great contacts I got given two slots down here AND my old mate Kristof lives here in a great old house in the center so I thought why not.

His place is this great old house he is renovating with his brother

Last night I did my first performance outside of Scandinavia, in a place called Cafe de Buster here in the center of Antwerp. It was a good room and a nice crowd. I got there a bit late but they got me on and I did my 15 minutes. About half of my set was great but the other half didnt fire as strong as I wanted, I think if I understood the sort of venue I would have mixed up my set a bit, I did stories at the end when I think by midnight (it was a late show), the crowd wants it faster and punchier. Good to know. I found out after the show ther Tonight I have another show here at The Joker which is apparently THE comedy club here in Antwerp so its time to get back to the jokes.

Antwerp is cool and I like these Belgium people.  Down here it’s all about a) the beer and b) the fries. Everyone eats them, you wouldn’t believe so many fries stories can be full of people eating fries ever day. One great thing about the show last night was the free house beer for comedians was Duvel. That’s amazing, usually we are lucky if we get beer but here… anything less would be a crime against humanity and you dont want to be put on trial at Den Haag do you? No I didnt think so.

Back in Nederlands I also stayed a night with my friend Hester there and out at a bar in Urecht you can see the beer list on offer

Heaven, heaven, heaven. Today Ill be seeing Antwerp with Kristof and preparing the jokes for tonight.

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Almost 4 Years Later, Time For An Update

History records that it was the 27th of February 2007 that my first blog post was written, sitting in a small house in Würzbug Germany while living with two crazy German girls and a big white, mechanically unsound Volvo parked out the front.

As the end of 2010 approaches I cant quite work out how long it has been since Ive been writing and have not updated the design of this blog. I was scared to upgrade the blog because I had got a decent google ranking but now, I decided to take the plunge, migrate to wordpress and try and subdue the google boogey monster in the corner and hope I keep a good search ranking.

Ladies and Gentlemen the adventure continues, these days I tell jokes. Turns out this English comedy thing in Scandinavia has some legs and between myself and a bunch of close buddies, we are making something of it and bringing new laughs and maybe even some new thoughts into the minds of these northerners.

Get some go again. I don’t travel as much these days and I don’t drink nearly as much coffee but everything is still as good, maybe even better. We are working on something big up here and its already awesome.