Hungarian Dentist

So Ive been working in Debrecen, Hungary for the last week and a half, its a nice place, good people and we have good garage parties but a few days ago my tooth started to hurt. This kind of happens sometimes and it goes away within a few days but this one was a little… Continue reading Hungarian Dentist

Debrecen Hungary

While the rest of Europe is covered in clouds of ash, I have been safely tucked away in Debrecen, Hungary and I havnt seen sight or sound of it, its been gorgeous blue sky today and its been great to just chill in this town, which depending on who you talk to, could be the… Continue reading Debrecen Hungary

First Open Mic at M

Our comedy shows in Estonia are really starting to gather steam, last night the guys in Tartu hosted the first Open Mic there in a small bar "Möku". I love the strategy they used, a small venue, no publicity and keep the hype low so people hear about it through word of mouth. A chilled,… Continue reading First Open Mic at M