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Dear Most Swedish Judges

I humbly submit my application for the Australian Ambassador to Sweden. That’s the job right? Sure, why not.

My name is Louis and I am a 29 year old Australian guy who would love Sweden’s Most Swedish Job. I’ve lived in Sweden for a year, travelled for about 3 years though Europe and documented my adventures in words and video along the way. In fact you are visiting one of those blogs right now! Below my formal entry are several more of my funniest and most insightful videos and blogs about Sweden and other European adventures. I have been back in Australia for a little while seeing my friends and family however in the next month I am coming back to Sweden to live with my Swedish girlfriend in Stockholm.

I like to talk and connect with people and I think this will be my greatest skill when doing this most Swedish of jobs. Landscapes and food and architecture and cool Swedish places are awesome but people are interested in people, they want to see people and hear their stories and then connect with those stories. It is one of my passions in life to promote communication and to find interesting ways to present stuff which is typically regarded as dry and boring. I am a retired IT worker and my forte is giving training in computer programming. Sounds kinda boring right?.. Well you are correct but I tried hard for every student to make it fun because when people have fun, the learning comes so much easier. I take this same philosophy with being a spokesperson for Sweden, if we make the videos fun and interesting to watch then people will learn stuff without even realising it.

Basically, I’m pretty good at making fun, interesting travel videos and given my deep cultural knowledge about Sweden, I think we can make something which will attract lots of international attention.

As well as this blog, this whole thing started with www.eurotrip2006.com when, with 2 mates of mine, we arrived in Europe in 2006 and took a Swedish registered Volvo on a roadtrip. That was such a good time, 3 friends setting off into the unknown together. Its funny now to think about how little we knew of Europe before we came and to remember stepping off that Ryanair flight at Skavsta when I entered Sweden for the first time, not realising years later it would become my home.

After I made my video I set about finding Swedish people to interview and ask a few questions about their country. After finding a whole lot of Germans walking around Sydney I eventually found 3 Swedish girls who were lovely enough to answer my questions!

My Best Swedish Blogs

Being a keen cultural observer I have written extensivly about Sweden already, both the ups and downs! It seems my insights into Swedish Sex Education have proved very popular with readers, it makes me realise how backward we can be in Australia sometimes. I like to reflect on how history got us to this place in time by looking at a culture and then comparing to the countries around it and also with my home land. I always like to use a bit of Aussie cheeky humour to get my point across, I find as a complete outsider I can often get a unique perspective on what’s happening, plus people are always so welcoming to Australians, I am lucky to come from a country with such a good reputation.

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My Best Euro Videos

I have been away from home for 3 years including a year in Sweden and in that time I did 2 road trips across almost the whole continent and made a stack of videos about my experiences. Below are some of my best videos, they represent a mix of filming a cool place, providing some local history in an interesting way and just plain being stupid on camera.

My complete set of video blogs can be found on my YouTube page

Visiting Gori, in Georgia
The home town of Stalin. I was there about a year before the war with Russia began. I went with a friend of mine who speaks Russian, she was the translator and I was the hired help as a woman cant really travel alone in these parts. I am fascinated by everything ex soviet and this place hasn’t changed in 20 years. This trip was a great example of "i wanna know, therefore i go", we learnt so much about the history of the region so when Georgia was in the news a year later we understood the truth of things.

Volvo V70 At The Nurburgring
This could be my favourite place in the world, the Volvo wagon goes pretty good around the famous German racetrack. On this day the Nurburgring club of Sweden was visiting and I was dissapointed they were all rich doctors with Ferraris, I was the only one with a Volvo there!

My History Of Yugoslavia
As presented from some guys field in Serbia. I was on my way into Romania and I stopped near a small town called Apatin where my father was born.

Jack and Louis Do a Christmas Roadtrip In The Swiss Alps
No Volvo Eurotank this time but a small, fast Fiat Bravo, rockin!

Sitting in a field in Austria

Telling my respect for Austrian men and wow do I love the alps

Visting Rovaniemi, Finland

I get pretty excited I am visiting the home town of LORDI, one of my favourite bands.

By Louis Zezeran

Louis Zezeran is an Australian Stand Up comedian and comedy promoter based in Tallinn, Estonia. He was the co-founder of Comedy Estonia, Comedy Finland and Comedy Latvia. Louis writes, does gigs and performs at private events through the Baltics and Finland

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