Tallinn -> Helsinki -> Bangkok -> Sydney

6:30am this morning I touched down in Sydney after an easy 24 hours in transit. I got on in Tallinn at 23:00 after a rather teary goodbye. Shit I really love my crew in Tallinn and I miss them all so much already. When people ask "why are you in estonia?" the easiest answer is to just hold up a picture of them, we had some good nights out, Matic and I hit the town in Tartu and then Nils came from Denmark and it was fun all round

Ele and Kalle wanted some Estonian chocolate and some Estonian booze so I packed the chocolates in early and got a bottle of "Vana Tallinn" at the duty free so I could carry it on. I was taking a risk and unfortunately it didnt pay off, when I tried to get on the plane in Bangkok I was refused, even though the bottle was sealed. Not wanting to let some fine Estonian liquor go to waste, I set about drinking what I could. Now Vana Tallinn is like Baileys, more a drink to be mixed or sipped slowly… when the monks first brew it how many centuries ago, necking it at an airport departure lounge probably wasnt in their minds however I gave it the best go I could

I tried my best.

So before I went to get on the flight, it was me, sid james and the better part of a bottle of vana tallinn.

I met some cool Austrians in  the departure lounge too, nice people and Ill hopefully see them again in a few days. I slept on and off for the last 6 hour flight, no doubt the vana tallinn helped with this too.

Now its off into a bright Sydney morning. Thongs, boardies, cafe breakfasts in the warm morning sun by the beach. Welcome to Australia.

Cultural Learnings OF Australia For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Europe

Fine. Ill get it out there and just say it. Y’all know when I dont write it means Im thinking and Ive been thinking too much. Oh yes I was going to just tell you. Not that Ive been stalling or anything.. for the last few minutes… or 5 months… oh no. Ok fine.

Im going back to Australia.

shiiiiit man, I can hear the word resonate from Ljubljana to Utrecht to Tallinn. What do you think that 3 month road trip was? Its the way I say goodbye and I never do things in a small way. So whats the deal? Ive been consulting on the road for the last year being mr eurotripper but then Customware offered me a really good position in Sydney. As I didnt have a job in Estonia and theres not much teaching to do over winter, Ive been sitting around on my ass a lot, which is no good for anyone. So, in moment of self motivation I got online and booked a ticket back to Australia. Hardest button click EVER.

Some sunshine and a stable job would be nice right now, in fact if I try and make all the justifcations they make no sense, Ill come for a while and see how it goes. I still want to spend my days in Europe, I even still (much to the amazment of every Estonian) want to spend my days in Estonia, just right now the windows of change are taking me back home for an extended stop over, so I should go with the flow.

Im leaving already next Monday, no use in sitting around any longer, I found a good deal in Finnair to send me directly from Tallinn, my favourite airport where I can walk from my house. In sydney Ive arranged some accomodation with those krazy kids in Borrowdale avenue, home among other things of Logic the cat and where the below shown VN commodore is registered in some manner. Its only a temporary place to stay but the good times are assured.

So Ive been packing up the house, some stuff will go into storage here and another box is already winging it way to Sydney courtsey of KLG freight

Yup my roadie is coming home with me. Cost me a pretty penny but this thing came with a stupid pricetag in the first case, so I may as well. The fate of the Volvo is less clear, Ive signed up a use car seller by the name of Meelika, shes going to offload it for a cut of the profits. My plan is to leave it for sale for a reasonable price and if someone take it then great, if not then Volvos which are fully serviced and functioning perfectly dont drop in value too much in 12 months.

So he alludes to a return time! Oh yes. Well I need something to hold on to, I dont intend to stay in Australia forever, its like a sun, crocodile stop over.  Ive been away for 3 years, time to get a little grounding and plan the next stage.

Im going to miss a lot but ill leave my musing about such things for another post. Tonight is off to Tartu to see Matic and tomorrow Nils arrives!

Monday, 21:30 is my flight out of Tallinn.