Utrecht: Its Dutch for Awesome Student City

August 10, 2008

I am in Utrecht Nederland and its all happening here. Anna and I just camped for 3 nights in the De Hoge National Park here in Dutchieland. Once apparently, a long time ago, some mega right dude wanted a place to hunt for animals, however his wife wanted to make a museum… anyway so they bought a crapload of land in the middle of nederlands and made this park*… which today is a national park with 1700 free bikes to ride around the place. Of course, you only need 1 at a time.

so we camped there and it was sweet, again the Eurotank makes a trusty companion to all our adventures. The best part about camping in the park is that after hours, its fun to take the bikes out, plus a few ciders, for a nighttime ride around the park where you see way more animals around the place. Just dont let the ranger catch you, woopwoopwoopwoop

Tonight I am in Utrecht staying in a very cool hostel called Strowis which is run by a bunch of really super chilled people who just wanna make a cool place to stay. Im definitly in here for the week, also am I am told this week is a massive student gathering in town so its party central…. unless of course I go to Nijmegen to party with Bart…. of down to Belgium to see Geert…. man… this dutchie lifestyle is a hard one. Its not all fun and games, next week I am teaching in Amsterdam… which of course as we know… standing in front of people and making them laugh and enjoy learning is hardly to be considered work.

Ive met stacks of good people along the way too, from the danish (female!) big farmer to the japanse guy who said I was "really handsome" and had "sexy jeans" (no sexy times unfortunately) to the old dude in the 760 BMW who wanted to see pigs in the national park (because your tank wont half scare off any animals mate) to the 50 year old dutchie hardcore cyclist who filled me in on a few of the local secrets. Rock on to you all!

* This may or may not be the correct story. There was an old dude who built a huge manor house on the grounds and thats about it, the museum was all in dutch writing. Now while its not the hardest of languages, the subtlities are indeed beyond me.

Louis Zezeran

Louis Zezeran

Louis Zezeran is an Australian Stand Up comedian and comedy promoter based in Tallinn, Estonia.

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