What Sort Of Idiot Spends 9€ and gets 1€?

June 16, 2008

Me of course! See, Nederlands was super sweet this last week, after I checked out of Maggies i headed down to Utrecht where Hester lives and hung out there for the weekend

So we are crusing around her neighbourhood and the Dutch National Coin Museum is right around her corner and guess what! They are having an open day with lots of coin collectors there! So much to the surprise of hester, I bought out my inner nerd (although for long time readers, this is well established) and attended and found all kinds of nerdy and cool things. I’m more fascinated by euro coins rather than a hardcore collector but I did pick up one little beauty. Remember that Euro coins all have a common side but each country produces its own reverse side and circulation is based on the country’s size so you see lots of German coins around but what is not so common is…

Monacos coins! This is from 2001 which is the first year they were minted. The price for this 1 euro coin was 9€ and when i went to pay, the guy mistaken started to give me back like 6 and then 7 euros.. so like the friggin boy scout I am I asked "errrr how much was the price again??"… "oh whoops, i read the price as 90 cents…" oh man, what a douche bag I am, not only was a prepared to pay 9€ for 1€ but then I was about to make a direct profit too!

Dont worry though because a quick google search shows my nose for rare euro coins isnt too bad after all! someone else might pay 49 USD for this baby! next stop, profit town!

So before all of this Nederlands played France and kicked their frenchie asses! Wha a glorious game, packed into a small bar in Utrecht, its a sea of oranje around us and they were.. as they say in the classics, all going APESHIT. My favourite was when france scored their one goal and then within a minute of the kick off they SCORED ANOTHER GOAL. Just to rub it in, just to tell them that their names are all pronounced funny and things have only being going downhill since zizu did that headbutt two years ago.

After the game it didnt stop, oh no, they partied on the street until the wee hours and I literally mean on the street, theres a big sqaure in the middle of town with lots of room but oh no, these guys had to party on the road next to it blocking busses and cars going through. Even better was the way the crowd climbed over everything there, including a big statue and lampposts and the COPS STOOD THERE AND DID NOTHING. Nada, absolutly nothing. When I inquired about this i was told "Why should the cops do anything, the crowd isnt hurting anyone or breaking anything" Oh yes, climbing on to to the top of lampposts is all good! Thank you Nederlands and your amazingly cool attitude to life, as long as you dont hurt anyone, do whatever you want! Wanna smoke some pot? Wanna get married to your gay partner? We should all want to be as cool as that. I even tried to get a round of "YOUR GOING HOME IN THE BACK OF A DIVVY VAN" going on this evening but alas.. noone was going home in the back of said divvy vans!

thats right old mate, climb as high as you can, you are in the nederlands!

That was my freaky deaky dutch adventure, I had good fun and earnt a few €€€ too. Cant ask for a better week than that.

No story about Nederlands would be complete without a picture of a windmill. Now wheres my wooden shoes??

Louis Zezeran

Louis Zezeran

Louis Zezeran is an Australian Stand Up comedian and comedy promoter based in Tallinn, Estonia.

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