Cultural Learnings Of… Malaysia (in pictures)

The inflight entertainment on Malaysia Airlines shows you the direction to Mecca at anytime if you need to pray

Sunrise over KL from 19th floor, Cititel Hotel

I couldnt get enough of these mobile phone ads at the train station.

oohh poor sad face! She seems rather amused by his sad face. At first i thought it meant he called late because something bad had happened. then i realised she is just dating a player. This next one is THE BEST.

"He was angry at me. He didnt want to talk to me. So I said sorry through MMS".  I cant decide if I would be more or less amused if that was a white woman.

This is the Steam Boat and it is the best invention in food EVER: There are lots of skewers with good food like prawns and fish balls and muscles and tofu and all kinds beauteness. You then dip it into the tub of boiling water for a few minutes until its cooked and then put sweet and sour and chilli over it. Oh man, I could have stayed there all night.

You said it buddy…

Finally, even the colonel himself changes his menu for the local culture, what a guy. I didnt go into a store to see if they have a picture of him in these ones too. Man what Id give for one of those Colonel Sanders picture frames they have in each store.

Malaysia – Truly Asia – Truly Awesome!

Good times in Kuala Lumpur. I have been here  teaching for Customware and on the weekend some of the team took me out to see the sights here.

Malaysia is really interesting, they have 3 main racial groups here, Malays, Chinese and Indians and everyone goes about their day and often the common language used is English. This means its very easy for me to get around here on my own but I was lucky enough to be given a guided tour by Kay Nny and Yuen Chi. I told them I like to eat good food from everywhere Id go so they took me to all these small little eating places where I was the only white guy and ordered for me all this awesome local stuff. Some times I hesitate on "weird" food but for some reason I have been digging right into it here, I got stuck into everything they put in front of me and I didnt dislike any of it. The most awesome part was going for dinner with Kay Nny’s family in place outside of town where they have their own fish farm and grow them yourself. Old fishy goes right out of the water and into your dish mmmmm (with a slight detour via the frypan of course)

Everyone has been really great to me here and Ive been impressed by Customware’s operations here and the country in general. Seriously, its not just because the food is kick ass… but it is really good.

Heres some photos of going to Batu Caves, its a holy Hindu site where each year millions make the pilgrimage to have a look see

Yuen Chi and me.

Inside the main cave. Its call the Temple cave and each year they have the Thaipusam festival and last year 1.5 million people turned up. Thats big.

The temple cave is quite high up and there around 255 steps to get up there. Also, inhabiting the area are lots of wild monkeys. Dont stare at the monkeys like I did, they tend to get quite aggravated. I am now freaked out by monkeys.

Kay Nny and I.

Speaking of this… it finally occured to me who my new glasses make me look like… Back to The Future 2… Biffs gang…

Who needs IMAX with these babies on?! The movie was true, the future is here!

Tomorrow morning 08:50 to Stockholm. Just another long haul flight. You know what I always say…

"get some, go again!"

Australia – The Discovery Channel Was So Right


I wanted to post you some photos of my old pets in Australia, its so nice to see them all. Above is my old spidey. oohh i miss you little guy. Below is my pet dog. Funny how he would never bring me the stick when i threw it. He always seemed to want to play in the ant nest, I never did understand.

Of course we are seeing the sights too

And you know what I think about the whole thing?