Sardinia, Italy

Anna and I are spending the week in Sardinia, the island off Italy and its pretty nice here. The sun is out now and we have hired a little Fiat Puntio to punto us around the island. Its only 200 km long so its easy driving around and all the little towns along the coast are gorgeous.

It seems a year and a half on from Spaintrip I still havnt worked out siesta time, it seems nothing is open until 6pm here and the non touristic places are just that, I hope you like pizza!

This place aint bad and its easy to see the differences in the south of Italy to the north.  More updates later.

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Party Webcam!

Tonight, live, for one night only the old eurotrip webmcam has been brought back to provide you with live images of our kick ass party in Tallinn!

Baltic Party Cam Click Here

Keep it open and it will refresh. Admittedly its no HDTV peep show but its these slow internet lines to Estonia ya know.


All the photos can be found in the gallery: blondies, kiisu and the politsei

Frankers – Forever Staying and Learning

Ive spent the last few days in Frankfurt, a city which on any given day I dont rate too highly, yet everytime Im here I seem to enjoy myself. Frankers was the first city the eurotrip touched down in, we rolled into the hostel at 7am and met some drunk Irish kicking on from the night before. Turned out they all worked at the pub around the corner and sooner than you can say "luck of the irish" we were having a rocking time. Speaking of Irish, ill be back here next week for St Pats day, Im sure it will be the next best thing to Dublin, tobesuretobesure.

Despite being here for work, Im staying back at the same hostel the "stay and learn" named so because theres a language school attached at at some time in the past your hostel booking used to entitled you to a free german lesson, however these days its not available and such things must be practised over in the local pub instead.  The hostel is right in the middle of the red light district, opposite the Hauptbahnhof. Indeed this siginifies the first german word I learnt here "wow, haupt means main, bahn means train and hof mean… errr like place and then they just stick the words together, righteous, how hard can this language be anyway?". I get really sick of hotels when im travelling, Id rather be here in the hostel, hanging out with some cool people although I must admit its a bit strange to be sitting there, busily doing my work each evening, looking over the backpacking kids progressively getting drunker telling stories about how they got lost in cities all over europe, cities which I now know like a second home. Ah but I was once like them: so young and so carefree but alas one cant live on the road forever.

Frankers -> Tallinn -> Frankers -> Stockholm -> Sardinia -> Stockholm

And thats just in two weeks. See, I don’t still live on the road. Hey baby, thats the lifestyle. get some, go again.

When In Tallinn, Dont Turn Your Back On Your New 7 Series

Ja, I Want The Schnitzel Baby

Upon arriving at Vienna airport this morning my taxi wasnt there… but I should have gone with this guy instead. He clearly knows where its at.

Cultural Learnings Of… Cultural Learnings Of Australia

I had a good weekend, last night I went to a birthday party for a mate of mine Taavi who comes from a small town in the central north of Estonia called Lehtse. It was a good night, Taavi brews a mean home made beer, went into his authentic wood sauna and then ran around in the snow after it. It truly is very invigorating!

I met some new people at the party and at one stage a guy comes up to me and says

"hey, I watch this Australian TV show… ummm pizza hut… or pizza shop… "

"errr you mean "Fat Pizza?"

"yeah thats the one! paulie is the man!"

HAHA, fantastic, I thought that noone outside of Australia would ever get to watch Fat Pizza let alone understand the jokes! God knows how he found out about it originally.

Then after the sauna and snow I was walking around in my "Kevin 07" shirt, yeah Im a dork who still wears it 100 days after the election. Again another guy speaks up out of nowhere

"HEY!! Kevin 07! Chasers War on Everything! I love those guys! I saw the billboard in Tallinn and downloaded some shows. Johnny Howard was a jerk!"

HAHA, even better, hes seen the billboard they put up in Tallinn to advertise the second series, make all the jokes you want but their strategy seems to have worked. This guy was awesome, because he watched the show he knew all these things about Australia politics im sure half our own population doesnt know.

When I meet Estonians these days the first question is inevitably, "WHY ARE YOU LIVING HERE?" (usually said with the emphasis) and the second one is they are amazed anyone would manage to learn things about the culture here. I guess that seems obvious, small country, off to the left of europe, probably still a bunch of russians, you know the stereotypes. However it really dawned on me that the inner working of my own country can be as equally mysterious to outsiders and indeed, I find myself similarly impressed that someone took the time to learn something about where I come from.

Tomorrow morning im off to Wien for 5 days… and you know what that means….

Oh sweet swet Schnitzel, how did I ever live without you in my life? You are truly the manifestation of everything good and pure in this world.