Sardinia, Italy

Anna and I are spending the week in Sardinia, the island off Italy and its pretty nice here. The sun is out now and we have hired a little Fiat Puntio to punto us around the island. Its only 200 km long so its easy driving around and all the little towns along the coast… Continue reading Sardinia, Italy

Party Webcam!

Tonight, live, for one night only the old eurotrip webmcam has been brought back to provide you with live images of our kick ass party in Tallinn! Baltic Party Cam Click Here Keep it open and it will refresh. Admittedly its no HDTV peep show but its these slow internet lines to Estonia ya know.… Continue reading Party Webcam!

Ja, I Want The Schnitzel Baby

Upon arriving at Vienna airport this morning my taxi wasnt there… but I should have gone with this guy instead. He clearly knows where its at.