Good To Be Home

14:40 from Stockholm to Tallinn this afternoon was particularly delightful, it was a sunny day and we flew in from the west over the islands. More than other cultures I know, Estonians have a bond to the land and looking down over my adopted home, I can start to understand why. Ive had a good… Continue reading Good To Be Home

Cultural Learnings Of… Portugal Police

This is a two photo set I call "Portugese Police are a big bunch of nancy boys who need to find some real wheels" Segways? Electric gogo mobiles? Harden up Portugese coppers!

Home Sweeeet Home

One week now in Tallinn and things are cruising along, I just got myself a fresh new haircut, however I smell conspiracy in the air (if you ever come here you will know it), they gave me a cut like an Estonian man! Never say they dont welcome you and help you blend in. The… Continue reading Home Sweeeet Home

48 Hours In Estonia

Its been 48 hours in Estonia and times have been tough. Being greeted by my friends getting off the boat, seeing some lovely Estonian seaside, showing classic aussie films over a few bottles of red, moving into our HUGE new apartment and being really warmly welcomed by everyone I know. Man this place is the… Continue reading 48 Hours In Estonia