Old friends, Reunited again

After a long and drawn out battle with Deutsche Post and Swedish Posten, I have been reunited with two of my old friends, the license plates from Eurotank, now the only remaining part of our dear Volvo after the fat german man took her away earlier this year. Do you hear me Vägverket (swedish road authority), you aint getting them back, Ill say the car was stolen in Romania or something, they will believe that for sure.

Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Australia

Oh you dont know how long ive waited to use that title for a blog entry! Im back here now, in Stockholm Sweden, enjoying the simple pleasures of a normal Scandinavian life in the winter months… that is walking around in the freezing cold saying "Its colder this year.. but not as cold as the big chill of ’05"… Oh how the years move fast up here.  However, nevertheless I am back and not in America anymore, so this is the part where I give you my deep and personal cultural insight into what Ive seen, where after you read it with glee…. as quickly as you can so you can go to the photo section and look at pictures of any cute girls ive taken lately. Ive got one new good looking gal in there, shes a big one alright and shes a greenish shade.. and I dont mean Elphaba from Wicked, which I might say is a fantastic show which I throughly wave my wrist to and give 3 eggs up. Check my last set of NY photos in the pictures section

Ill start with New York, a city that blew me away with its diversity, energy and heart. Its an insane place, 7.5 million people living on an island the size of a regular Australian parking lot and not just any people too, a crazy mix of cultures and everyones interacting and honking their horn at each other to prove their love. Honking means you approve of someones driving right? Right. Ok, beside all the great theatre and food and endless sights to see, New York struck me a personable town. You wouldnt expect it I know. I got the feeling that in amongst the congestion and breakneck speed of life, people are just searching for a connection with one another, whether it be a stolen glance as you meet someones eyes walking down the street or a smile from someone else who is rocking out to their iPod on the subway or asking a stranger for directions in a dark alley and them being curiously cheery about it, I get the feeling that in such a huge city, New Yorkers find their own little bit of peace each day in smaller, more random things. I dug this vibe, I dug it a lot. If I went with some buddies, I reckon I could live there… sitting by central park, sitting big bowls of skim lattee as my friend plays guitar and we discuss another trivial within an inch of its life thusly blowing it up to gigantic proportions… oh its so clear, like more than a dream, like I can really see it!

Did I mention I saw Charlotte from Sex In The City at a Starbucks near Central Park? Yeah we had a moment. I heard someone talking loudly about the writers strike, I turned around, she said hello, i said "hey" back….deep man. She them proceeded to say hello to everyone else in the store as well as several dogs in the general vicinity but our one was special. I know Im going places.

We had some really good days in Pittsburgh, we had an awesome group of people and we hung out for the week and had all good times. I expected it to be good but definitely not this good, everyone was so nice and cool to us… actually I have a small feeling Carisa and Dieter were worried about how their Australian entourage might view Americans up close and personal. Make no mistake however, I am very impressed with this country. Ok sure they think if you need to carry more than 3 people in a vehicle it has to be a godzilla sized SUV or unless your breakfast is the size of a football it wont even hit the sides but the people are really lovely. I think americans are people with a lot of heart and a lot of personality and I can respect that. Maybe I have been in cold nordics for too long but the spirit of the people, be that some stirred patriotic pride at the smallest waving of the flag or going insane because the Steelers just got another touchdown, that spirit really got to me, they get into stuff, they get excited by things and thats something I can dig. They get criticized for saying stuff like all "ooohh thats FABULOUS darling" and other mock genuine comments but the people I spoke to were all great. Sure they say stuff like "I appreciate that" all the time but its like any throw away line which every language has. It should be noted we were on the east coast, maybe thats a California thing, I dont know. Yeah they can be more outgoing with their words than others but i dont think it takes long to work out whats what.

So cowboy hats off to you America, I had a jolly good time! I will say it was nice to get drunk and loud with some native english speakers again. Rock on.

oh and G Man, Im so sorry dude. I love you man.

ps. if you just skimmed my text, heres a link right to the hot chicks

New York, Day 1

Just a quick update because im friggin tired, its 1:45am here and we have been going all day. Myself, Adam, Mandy and James have made it to New York and I can now say this place is amazing. Its 10 amazings. no wait, easily 100 amazings! I love this town already, I am staying with my friend Tatyana who lives in a most lovely apartment down on 23rd street and its so cool to just wonder the streets, have a coffee and a bagel and take it all in.

No photos of NY yet, but there is the rest of the Pittsburgh ones including the Steelers game. HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!

i gotta sleep. no. no sleep till Brooklyn!

Cultural Learnings Of… Dieters Wedding!

Last night the big event went down last night and it was a really beautiful and lovely event!

So we all got to Pittsburgh on Wednesday, myself, Adam, Mandy and James and we have been having an absolute non stop blast ever since. We have been staying at Carisa cousins house and each day has been full of great events and getting into American culture. Everyone here has been so kind to us and really shown us a great time.

The wedding itself was great, I was humbled when Dieter asked me to be his best man and I was proud to be there for him. The ceremony was touching and I must say, struck quite a cord on my heartstring, it got through to even mr ice man over here. Carisa looked gorgeous and she really looked like the happiest girl ever. If any of y’all are thinking "wow dieter quinn, married!" let me tell you that if you were here and could see him, you would have no doubt this is the one for him, he is a content man.

I was happy with the speech I gave on the night, a bit long but alright considering I wrote it that afternoon. On one joke I got the "big" laugh and I can say that its that moment that really makes performing for me, its intoxicating. Intoxicating like the vodkas we drank all night long. Intoxicating like singing Living On a Prayer karaoke at the small bar down the road at 2am. With Dieters Wedding AND singing a Bon Jovi song bar, I knew I had fulfilled all my goals of coming to America

words words, do boring so Ill let the photos do the talking check the two new sets

Waltmans Photos

Adams Photos

Waltman made some great videos in the bar afterwards too. Lets start with the dodgy redneck singing with the hot backup dancers

and finally such a high point of the night. Needs no introduction, just watch it