Henry Rollins

 This is Henry Rollins and last night I saw him do a spoken word show here in Stockholm and he was FUCKEN AWESOME MAN. So who is Rollins and why is this aging alternative icon one of my favourite people in the world? He’s 46, American and he used to be the lead singer of… Continue reading Henry Rollins

Baltic Days

Enough with the words already, I only had my camera phone this weekend, 3 nights in Tallin, 1 in Riga, 7:10am flight back to Stockholm monday morning. Love it. The islands off Stockholm, god bless you Tallink and your wonderful party boat. The park where the bronze soldier *used* to be. Someone has left a solitary… Continue reading Baltic Days

Ilus Tallinna

Its another weekend in old town Tallinn, Riga was pretty busy so I decided to stay here instead. The boat over was awesome, a really good party night, made a stack of new friends, including people who live in Stockholm and Tallinn, drank a boot load of grog, danced, had a good time. I also… Continue reading Ilus Tallinna

Happy Communist Day!

So the situation in Estonia has calmed down to a certain level, everyone was asking me "oh is it dangerous in Tallinn??". No way, the riots were just one night but thats all that has really been reported on foreign news, there have still been some simmering issues but nothing major. Walking around Tallinn, many… Continue reading Happy Communist Day!