Two Weeks In Deutschland

Rock and Roll! Here is my new website as a follow up to the legendary Eurotrip2006, sort of like a spinoff, like Angel to Buffy, or Joey to Friends… hmmm ok maybe more like the former. I originally wanted to make this site just for Video Blogs because everyone seems to love them no matter how stupid they are (ok the river one was just for me) but I realised not everything can be said in a video, despite what millions of YouTubers might try and tell you; if you have a boring day, it doesnt really make for an exciting video or indeed what if you have something more meaningful to say beside laughing at German accents, it doesnt really work in a video, the only person who can do that is Tom Yorke and the rest of us just look like wankers, so text blogs are here to stay!

Ive got some nifty things cranking for you on the NERDY front, up the top you have the photo gallery for the best and most hilarious still shots and a guestbook so random Polish dudes and crazed Estonian chicks can add to the frivolity. However, the MOST nerdy, computer club part of it all is the Google Maps Blog-o-locator down the bottom of this post, it provides you a little map showing you where I was when I wrote the blog, sweet eh? So now you can get some context if you are still unsure of where Estonia is (inside Russia) or if Loobs is the capital of Slovakia or Slovenia. Its all fancy and interactive too, hold down the mouse and pan around the place or zoom in using the plus and minus doobies, you can stalk me right down the street level now!

Its been a chilled out two weeks here in Germany, Ive been staying in Würzburg which is a reasonably sized university town right in the middle, up the top of Bavaria. Its pretty German looking outside, the old town is pretty sweet and it even has its own Castle, which is called a Festung, which is a castle meant for defensive purposes. Thats different to a castle called a "schloss" which had kings and princesses inside. Its kind of like the way Eskimos have 50 bazillion words for ice, to Aussies its "just a castle mate". Of course daily servings of Bratwurst, Schnitzel or Apfel Strudel are a must and dinner gets washed down with some of the local Würzberger Hofbräu. German culture… check.

So whats my purpose here? Well instead of being a backpacking maniac who never stays longer than 4 days, Id eventually like to find a place where I can find a nice apartment, a job and start a bit of my life for myself, a different sort of adventure have-you-will. Im not sure where yet… Ive got my ideas but I dont know, things to work out… so instead of worrying Im just enjoying myself, divine inspiration will come to me eventually, it always does. I will admit my feet are a little itchy and tomorrow Im heading down to Bratislava in Slovakia (BRATISLAVA!!) and then back to Germany overland via Austria, spending some time with my friends in Vienna, Salzburg and Munich. Unfortunately Ive got no wheels for such a journey, Eurotank is sitting in Munich, unregistered with a busted clutch so its the train system for me. I asked about getting a car here in Germany but they wont let me buy one in my name without an ID card with an address which requires permanent residency… or atleast thats what this guy at the German motor authority said… which isnt necessarily true… but I think Ill save my €€€ for the moment and if the work starts rolling in, Ill look to other means of acquiring a car… I know these Russian guys who might be able to help me out…

So soon back on the backpacker trail for a while and getting to see somewhere new, one of the places detes saw last year I didnt, Ive only heard good things about Bratislava and then Vienna with all the Wiener Schnitzels I can eat. mmmmmmm good times.

So heres to the next Eurotrip, check out the map below showing where Ive been staying in Würzburg, its a sweet little town. Check out the Festung, its just below to the right of where the marker is.